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SITE PROGRESS // Portal House.

Unknown Works are transforming a four story house into a live/work space in West London. 


NEW PROJECT // Kickstarter Project.

We are working on a new kickstarter project for Hong Kong. Updates will be posted soon..


EVENT // Rooftop screenings in Hong Kong.


NEW PROJECT // Micro-studio.

Unknown Works are working on the design for new prefabricated micro-studio in North London. More information to follow.


​Research // New design code for Hong Kong walled villages. Research studio with first year architecture students at HKU examining Hong Kong urban villages.

There are 642 recognised villages in the New Territories. These villages, which are scattered between urbanised parts of the Kowloon peninsula and mainland China, existed when the New Territories were added to the British colony in 1898, but many exis...


New Project // House and Music Space in North London.

Unknown Works have been commissioned to design a live/work space in North London.


Event // Hong Kong studio now open!

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