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EVENT // Architecture Foundation 100 Day Studio - Drawing Distant Dreamscapes

Friday 12 June

5pm - 6pm Unknown Works: Drawing Distant Dreamscapes via Zoom

Meeting ID: 889 5962 4657 Password: 977499

Now, more than ever, people’s dreams are getting weird. Unknown Works will give audience members the opportunity to explore these dreams together and the three directors of UW will draw them large, draw them live, draw them in black ink. A large piece of white paper will gradually turn from white to black over the course of this ritual. Specially constructed 2m appendages will be used in honour of our new rules of intimacy. Filmed from above, the event will be live from the practice's studio. They will illustrate the innermost realms of the subconscious, morphing multiple narratives together into one drawing construction that stands as a testament of the time.

Unknown Works present Drawing Distant Dreamscapes in collaboration with the UCL Lockdown Dreams Project who have collected almost 1000 dreams from around the world during the past months of our secluded existences and will be discussing their findings. Please get your pens, paper, and dreams ready.

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