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planning, air rights, urbanism


We’re sinking. Water Levels seeks to explore the precariousness of our position on this world. It looks at the preoccupations and obsessions that distract us from the fact that we're sinking. Every act of vanity or violence by our species helps us to forget that our feet are getting wet. They distract us from the fact that we are part of a carefully balanced system that we are entrusted to respect and care for. We ignore our responsibilities at our peril. 


Disasters, flooding and storms wreak havoc on those both with and without. The steady rise of water has the power to destroy cities and villages alike. Climate change is real. We know it. The balance is shifting with each day of complacency, with each degree. Relationships between groups of people, politics, fighting, greed, vice, happiness - our humanity and inhumanity all consume us - our wants and our worries. It all becomes meaningless if humanity drowns. We cannot negate the reality of our impending doom - a thing we can halt if we come together and act.


Water Levels is a 10 meter scroll that looks at the collective mania of humanity and the heightening of this mania as we realise that we are teetering just above the waves. The installation was held at V3 Gallery in the second instalment of Pow Pow Power: a series of exhibitions and events at V3 over November exploring pressing environmental issues.

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